Friday, April 10, 2009


I so wish inspiration could come in a bottle. I would keep a vat of it sitting under my desk, a syphon attached and ready to pour forth over the page when required. If it were only that easy. Instead, when I seek inspiration, I turn to people and places that inspire me to write. Here are some;

A Change of Scenery:
To escape cabin fever, I venture down to the local library. Here I can churn out words amid toddler screams, old friends catching up over coffee, community announcements over the P.A system. For some reason, the sounds and the sights of the library feed my creative spirit and I always achieve amid the hundreds of surrounding tomes. 

Reading inspirational work by others:
I am presently reading Julia Cameron's Walking in this World. It is a wonderful book about nurturing your creativity. She suggests a weekly walk some place special and an Artist's date once a week - part of a day set aside doing something that will feed your creative side. I practise both - and they work. They take me outside the box and let me live in a space that is new and bright. When I go back to my work, it always seems so much more manageable. 

Going Somewhere I Love:
When I head anywhere near water, I feel my creativity surge to the surface. There is something about paddling through water that connects me to some bigger, brighter source. It's akin to the feeling I get when I am actually writing. I resonate with a force I can't fully grasp nor wish to question. It just is and it works and it makes me happy. And it makes me write.

Friends Who Get It:
As much as we all love our friends, many friends just don't get what the fuss of a writer is all about. You burst at the seams with excitement over a new plot point and they look at you with that little half smile, wide-eyed and expecting the rest of the conversation - you know, the important bit that they are sure must be following anytime soon.
"And?" they say, ever so politely, waiting patiently for you to finish the sentence. Except you already have. You can tell straight away who they are, with that unmistakable expression that creeps over their face. They just... don't... get it. 

But then there are the friends who do. The writing buddies who know every inch of your angst and excitement without you barely even having to open your mouth. I am so blessed to have several writing friends - I treasure their friendship. They offer their undying support as they wade through their own writing journey. You know you can call them or email and rave about the good, bad and ugly of writing, and that they will listen and council and guide you gently back into some safe little harbour where you can rest for a while before returning to uncharted waters. Without these people, I am certain the writer in me would wither and die. So to all of you, and particularly Arienne, Marie and Katherine - I thank you from the bottom of my inspirational vat.


Arienne said...

Hi Lynn, As one of your writer friends (and I'm honored to be considered as such), I have to say that its easy, very easy, encouraging you, listening to you and reading you. Its been wonderful sharing your writing journey with you, being part of your highs and lows (and don't we all have those beasts breathing down our necks) and quite simply...watching you grow. The pleasure and thanks are all mine my lovely friend.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post. Some lovely ideas to feed inspiration and writing energy.

And Lynn, you are so very welcome! I've really enjoyed getting to know you better, and you have been a wonderful support for me also. With so many different things in common, we were clearly meant to find one another :)

And keep writing. Just reading your posts it's clear that it's what you were made to do.


Zen Quill said...

Thanks, Ladies...your support helps keep me going.