Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dust by Christine Bongers

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Christine Bongers launch of her debut novel 'Dust'. The launch was hosted by Riverbend Books and Teahouse in Bulimba. The event was a sell out. Every copy of Dust in store sold out as well.  The place was packed with family and friends who braved the rainy weather to support Chris on her special night. 
Actor and playwright, Billie Brown got things underway with a witty and fabulous speech. Chris followed on, her opening line being, "Now that's a hard act to follow".
Not true at all. I sat in awe of this woman who delivered a beautiful and inspiring account of her writing journey. She stood confident and strong, was funny and entertaining and had hold of her audience from start to finish. 
I sat listening to her, considering my own writing journey. As a fledgling writer, plotting my own path into this writing world, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of Queensland writers. It was the first time I had met Chris in person, having raced with her on several occasions on a Tuesday night in the Australian Writers Market online writing race forum. I came away last night feeling like I had caught up with an old friend. She was warm, welcoming and friendly and I can see why the place was jam packed with supporters. 

I met many writers at the launch and each and every one was encouraging and supportive of each other, welcoming me into the fold. Camaraderie washed through the crowd last night and made me realise what an incredible industry it is. Writers and writing industry professionals are amazing people as are the families and friends who support them. 

As I listened to Chris sharing the journey of Dust, her face told of her passion and commitment to her craft. She spoke with eloquence and warmth and at one point moved me to tears as she shared anecdotes of her childhood and family life. It is that kind of connection that inspires me to write, to buckle down and believe I can do as she and many others have done. 
After reading her blog about her motivation to write Dust the dedication in the front of her book speaks volumes, and are words that inspire and move me as well. I was grateful to share her special night with her and her family and friends as well as her extended writing family. I am only two chapters into the book and already I can feel it moving about inside me the way a good book does.  

The night was a huge success and I am sure a great time was had by all. I look forward to immersing myself in the journey of Cecilia Maria, and I say thank you to all you good folk who inspired me last night and make me want to grow to be a great writer.

The Launch of Dust


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear I wasn't the only one whose eyes welled up! I too am constantly in awe of the wonderful people in this industry - so generous and welcoming and full of encouragement. Chris is a delight, and her speech was inspiring. I can't wait to read Dust.

It was so lovely to see you, Lynn, and to hear all about how your writing is going. One day we will all be going to each others' launches, and looking back on the days when we were fledglings :)


Zen Quill said...

And that will be a very happy day too! Can't wait for that day to arrive.I have already had visions of your picture book launch run through my head - and have seen cupcakes with pink icing and not a sad scone in sight. Great catching up. It's made me all motivated and inspired.

chrisbongers said...

Lynn, you moved me (and my mum) to tears when we read your beautiful blog. So generous and unexpected. Thank you. I'll treasure it as a wonderful memento of Dust's launch. It was wonderful meeting you and I know we'll be celebrating your writing successes in the very near future xx
(BTW, you're an awesome writing racer, but I might be a bit too tired to join you tonight!)

Zen Quill said...

Oh, Chris - you are so welcome. You deserve every bit of praise for all the hard yards. And big thanks to your beautiful parents for having you too! They have helped make the world a happier place.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, it sounds like a wonderful night. I'm a Brisbane-based fledgling too, but with 3 kids under 4 and a husband who works most evenings, I struggle to get out at night! It's great to hear a personal account of such an important event in a writer's journey. And as for Writing Racers, I participated tonight for the very first time! Were you there too?? Maybe we'll run into each other next week.

Zen Quill said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for stopping by. I had wanted to race last night but have just come down with a head cold and am feeling less than average. Intending to be fighting fit and ready to race next Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed the race. They are such great motivational evenings. I love them. Meg Vann does a fantastic job every week.