Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There is a soft fog dwelling about you,
Amid the greys and haze, I glimpse your truest colours,
Through saline water blues in a deeper sea of green,
Crystals goblets,
Saddest eyes I've ever seen
Look to you, settled in the garden you have planted.

Your Eden, your Hades, your state of mind dictates the season,
Mother wit, an unknown reason given
just to chide you in a basting fashion,
As you sow the seeds of knowledge with such passion.

Sequestered from the common species,
Searching for a place to rest your head
as the subtle autumn changes confine you to your garden's bed,
So tenderly you slide a searching hand,
Deep beneath the fold that blankets my eternal soul,
I wonder could you find such comfort there?
As we couple in the chamber that I proffer,
How I long for your caress, that silken touch that you may offer.

Could you sweep beneath the canopy of everything I long to be,
And relegate my idleness and such?

As I watch the weather turning in your garden here before me,
You roll yourself into an orb and hurl yourself at my direction,
Rolling, roaring, thunderous,
So passionate without exception,
Erupting from the knowledge you embrace,
Like sudden cloudburst raining down,
To fall so clearly on my face.
Washing out the sorrow in my eyes,
Filling crystal goblets with the knowledge that my heart desires,
Grateful for the chance to spend my days,
Sharing in your garden, here amid the haze.


capo said...

Zen, I read this and reread it and each time it changed for me. It's got a lovely mystery to it. It was for me a lover, then an insect or plant,then a mother then a companion and finally all of them lovers or loves in different ways. The Kissing convention on the other hand is full of invention and humour.

Zen Quill said...

Thanks, Capo

Yes - it was written for a close friend. Was cleaning out cupboards and found an old poetry book I had written a few years ago - so both poems were extracted from that. Cheating a little - cause I'm supposed to be writing something new everyday - (that was my promise to me) . Have another project o the go so I cheat every now and then and post something from days gone by...poetic license , you could say?



capo said...

Poetic licence is a licence to fill .. in the gaps maybe. I, too, use this licence. There's no fee and no regulations.
I admire your commitment. One a week is my minimum and even that is hard sometimes.

Zen Quill said...

Yes..one a day does take its toll - especially as this blog is a sideline to the novel I am doing - which should be taking priority over all and sundry and is beginning to.

I've become a bit addicted to doing something every day - I guess that was the entire purpose. To develop a discipline.

Cranked out 2000 w today on the book.Am happy with that. I have set myself a 800 word minimum for the book each day, so blogland feels like play time-which is what I need away from the daily novel grind. I work full time too - so its pretty full on right now- fitting it all in. Still, its my dream - to get this book published and I don't think I can rest until it is done. Have to give it my best shot.

Now - as far one a week for you...more would be lovely but that's just me being entirely selfish cause its so enjoyable to read!