Monday, December 22, 2008

Tea Time 3

I'm up at some ridiculous time the next morning and decide to venture out of the apartment. I get up, shower and change and then grab the key and head out of the door. I'm not really sure if I'm dressed right but most of my bits are well covered so figure I'll probably be OK. I poke my head out of the corridor which looks identical in either direction. I look at the number on the door. Its in arabic but to my relief it is signed in english numerals on the other side of the door. I commit it to memory and head off down a long brown corridor toward the lifts. 

The lifts spit me out in a foyer that is more marble than glass. I weave my way out toward daylight and push my way through the glass door. The temperature outside smacks me fair in the face and I feel myself wilt as I wade into the heat. It burns to inhale. I have arrived on a Friday, the holy day of the week. Nothing is open and I have no idea where to go anyway. Later on I get a tour of the hospital grounds but it is days before I  am game to venture beyond the walls of the compound.

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