Saturday, December 27, 2008

Riding Blind 2

The cafe has been newly renovated and stinks of linoleum glue. Above, a ceiling fan chops through the thick summer air. She sits under it, at a table for two, resting her helmet on the spare chair. The waiter approaches,
"What would you like?" he asks.
"Soy latte," she says, and can see the immediate surprise on the young boy's face. Perhaps she looks more like she should be slamming down rums. The boy wanders away with his note pad still blank. 

She watches an elderly couple walk in the door and linger beside the cake cabinet, inspecting the contents. The old lady signs to the man with a nod and they turn and survey the tables behind them. The hold hands like they've never once been apart. The old man spies the room cautiously. He takes one look at her in her black leather gear, eyes her slowly from hair to boots and then leads his elderly bride to the other side of the room. 

Her latte arrives with extra froth. It is just how she likes it.

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