Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finding Mae

The room fell quiet and nobody moved for a while. I glanced at the clock on the mantle. It was nearly two. I heard rain against the roof, a soft and constant reminder that the weather had turned. 
"So you're telling me I'm next in line? I'm the one who is meant to take over these...powers?" 
Pa nodded slowly.
"That's right. It's all up to you."
"Why me?" 
"Like I explained, if you don't take on the position as Time Keeper, then the title goes to my brother. We can't let that happen. There's something else I probably should tell you..."
I waited and wondered while he shifted himself in the chair. He leaned forward, his arms on his knees. We were mirroring each other. He looked at me, concern spread over his face.
"I don't think your mother is dead." My heart skipped a beat.
"What do you mean?" I asked him. My heart thudded about in my chest. I took a deep breath and waited for him to answer. He said nothing.
"What do you mean?" I insisted.
"I think she's alive and I think you can find her," he said.

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