Sunday, March 8, 2009


The gate snapped shut behind me and I followed her down a  narrow path. Torches flickered and spat along the path. 
"Keep up, we don't have much time," she said.
"For what?" 
"The guards will have seen us come in. They will be wondering what we are up to?"
"Can you blame them?" I asked.
" Just keep up, OK?"
The path led down into a valley, where buildings sprawled across the land. We turned onto another path that led to a small house. We reached the house where she fumbled through the keys she still held in her hand. She found the one she was looking for.
She stepped up onto the porch and opened the screen door and then slipped the key into the lock.
"How many houses do you have?" I asked.
"This isn't mine," she answered, opening the door and waving me inside.
"Should I ask?"
"It belongs to your grandfather. This is his house. Welcome home," she said. 
I stood in the foyer and looked to her, as the porch door slammed shut. 
"So why are we here?" I asked. She closed and locked the door.
"Because here is the only safe place to tell you the truth,"

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