Monday, March 9, 2009

He Shows Up

We moved into the lounge room and she motioned for me to sit. I sat in a chair opposite where she stood. I sunk back into the cushions for protection from what she was about to deliver.
"So? You planning on telling me now?" I asked. I was tired of the cat and mouse game we were playing.
"It will probably sound lame," she offered.
"Try me,"
"Your grandfather has powers you obviously don't know about,"
"Yeah, like he has the power to be a royal pain..."
"That's not what I mean. His powers are well known here," she explained. I wished she would cut to the chase. I looked to my right. There was a photo of me and my brother taken when we must have been about three. It felt weird seeing a part of me in such a strange place.
"So what are these so called powers?" I asked, looking back at her.  She paused for a moment before answering.
"He can manipulate time," she said. I stifled a laugh.
"You're not serious. You brought me all the way here to tell me this?" 

"No," someone said behind me.
"She brought you all the way here so I could tell you all this..." I recognised the voice straight away. I spun in the chair and saw my grandfather standing in the doorway.

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