Friday, January 9, 2009


Battle...he had heard her say before she ran away. He was going to battle?  Max searched Pa's face for some kind of reaction but he saw nothing in the wrinkled pale features of the old man. 
"Pa, what will I need to take ?" he asked, as the old man rummaged through drawers, picking out various items and gathering them on the counter before him.
"Hmm? What's that? Oh...right, what should you take with wont need much. I'm just trying to remember what I took on my first quest. Let me see, there what was it...I think I took...what did you ask me again?" 

Max studied Pa's face and was suddenly concerned. Pa's memory was failing. He was the only one who knew what to teach in preparation to fight. How much could he remember and how accurate would it be? Max felt the first wings of fear flutter inside him. He had to stay focused. Mae had told him to trust. He was beginning to see that he had no other choice.

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