Friday, January 23, 2009

The Grove

He stepped from the boat and into the shallow water, his feet sinking into sand graves once again. He pulled one foot out with a squelching noise that broke through the silence. He sloshed his way through the water and up onto the sand. The mist had cleared and before him was a coconut grove, the swaying palms bowing from the weight of their fruit. 

He scanned the beach as he moved to the trees. His feet squelched in his sandals and the salt water stung his legs as it dried on his skin. He tried to remember the map Pa had shown him. He knew there was a path near the grove where he stood. He crept through the trees, grateful for the shade and was aware that anyone could be watching. Ahead he caught glimpses of red and blue; people walking, chatting together. He crouched in the long grass, hiding behind a fat solid trunk. The path was much closer than he imagined. He waited for them to pass and then he continued along behind them, tracing their journey as best he could from the shadows of the grove. 

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