Thursday, January 29, 2009


He races after her down the jetty. The loose planks tripping him up every few feet. He can hear the others still running behind and he fears they will catch him before he can jump aboard. Ahead, the old junk awaits, the engine running, the deck lights dimmed. His legs wont go any faster and his lungs feel like they might burst. 

He sees her bound up the gang plank and leap over the side onto the boat.
"Quickly," she calls to him. The skipper has untied the ropes. A few more feet and he will be safe. He lifts his foot to clear the gangplank and his toe snags on the wood, throwing him forward onto the plank.

An icy hand wraps around his ankle and begins to drag him backward. The boat is pulling away and the plank is about to fall through the widening gap between boat and pier. He rolls to one side and raises his free leg up to his belly and then he kicks with all of his might. The snap of bone is heard even over the running engine and the grip on his ankle suddenly loosens. He clambers along the falling plank and leaps, grabbing the gunnels as the plank falls to the water below. He pulls himself over the side of the boat and falls in a heap.

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