Monday, January 5, 2009

Riding Blind 9

She studied the ocean again, watching the waves. It was like watching the earth breath in and out.
"So why the drinking thing?" he asked.
"Because it seemed it was all I was good at. I got tired of putting myself to sleep everyday. Not rocket science, really. I just thought surely there's more to life. " She considered the irony in the statement. There was more to life. She just didn't know what.
"Tell me about Lily. Does she have a mother?" she asked.

He looked back at the ocean and took a deep breath and exhaled in time with a wave on the shore, like he was blowing it back out to sea.
"She left when Lily was a baby. Didn't see her first birthday, actually."
"How old is she now?"
"Three. Four next week."
" What made her leave?"
"God knows. I tried to find her. About a month after she left she sent me a letter. Didn't want anything more to do with either of us." he leaned and retrieved his beer from the table.
"Jesus, Jack. You're raising a child on your own?"
"Seems that way. We get by. Mum helps when she can. Hey, this is not why I tried to find you El," he explained.
"Then why did you?" she asked.
He fell quiet. She listened to the earth breathe in and out as she waited for his answer to come.

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