Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Riding Blind 11

She noticed him chew at his bottom lip and wondered how little people changed over time. It was an old habit he had when they were together, when he doubted what he was saying. She remembered it clearly, the feelings of doubt and mistrust rolling in like a wave. She began to consider the reason she'd come.  She knew she'd been more than curious. She'd been hopeful for something new. But the new was old and she knew it would all end badly again. In a moment, it had all come undone as the fragment of trust she was willing to invest shrivelled and died. There was no need for an answer. No point prolonging what she knew had to be done. She stood and then leaned toward him, and gently kissed his forehead.
"Enough said," was all she could say. She walked inside, picked up her coat and helmet and let herself out. 

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