Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Key

She wasn't scared. Not a bit,and was convinced that the noise she could hear at the base of the stairwell was nothing more than the wind  sounding its ghostly howl and stirring the leaves that had skittered under the door. There was nothing to fear. Nothing. She was sure of it though nothing explained why she slowed as she wound her way down the darkening stairwell, the musty smell of the damp rising up to embrace her. Her hands skimmed over the rough walls, her nails catching against the jagged uneven surface of the old bricks. The stairwell curled and narrowed and the howling began once again. She counted the remaining few steps to take her mind from the horrible noise, "Five...four...three..." on two, she could see where the stairwell ended. She stepped down the final stair. Before her was a door, a large tarnished key wedged into its lock. She stared at the key as the howl erupted again. String looped through the bow of the key and from the string hung a note. 
"Turn me" it said.

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