Saturday, January 3, 2009

Riding Blind 8

She watched him down the beer in his hand as he headed back to the fridge. He grabbed two more and carried them over. He set one down on the bench and opened the other, the hiss of gas reaching her ears as he flipped off the top and offered it to her. She reached over to accept.
"Let's sit out on the deck," he said, leading the way. 

She grabbed the bottle in both hands, lacing her fingers about its body like it were some rare and exotic treasure. She pushed back the guilt and sat herself down on the comfortable couch with the best of the view. He dropped down beside her and guzzled some beer. She felt foolish having not touched a drop. 

They sat without conversation, with the sound of the waves washing the shore reminding her of happier times spent together. He stared straight ahead as he spoke.
"I didn't think you'd call." 
A few seconds passed and he turned his head slowly toward her. In her peripheral vision she felt his gaze.
"Me either," she said, relaxing the grip on the neck of the bottle. Her hands were like ice, and she set down the beer, untouched.
"A lot's changed since I saw you last," she said, looking over at him. 
"Such as?" he asked, returning her stare.
"I don't drink anymore and you have a daughter. Two things we never thought each other would ever achieve."she said.
"And here we are," he said, setting his beer next to hers.
"Yeah, here we are."

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