Monday, January 26, 2009

The Message from the Window

He stood at The Edge and looked out. Beyond a troublesome sea, the island stood as dark and as menacing as what he had feared. Down one side, mountains rose and fell like the spine of an ancient creature that watched carefully over the land. Facing him was the place that interested him most. The great hall he had heard so much about. It hugged the cliff, its frame rising high, it towers and spires jabbing into the twilight sky. In the main tower, an enormous round window sparkled with coloured glass, its centre shining brightly as it caught the last of the light.

 The sea raged against the cliff face like it were warning the world, and keeping it safe from the trouble that lay beyond its watery boundary. There was no way to reach the hall. No way to recover the treasure he so desperately needed in order to save the others. He fought the blustery winds,and wiped the icy tears from his eyes, his vision clearing for a moment. There was nowhere else he could go. No one else around who could help. He had come to the end. He noticed the bright flash of light. Once, twice...then a sequence of flashes at varying speed. They were sending a message. He squinted into the dying light and focussed with all of his might.


Katherine said...

Nice piece of writing Lynn. Great to see you still going strong! Only a couple of weeks left until year of the edit starts - how exciting!

Zen Quill said...

Hi Kath,

Thanks so much.

These little random experiments in here are paying off. Its opening up stuff that I don't consider when ploughing through the main draft.

Not long to go for YOE...secretly panicking and have the next two days off to power write!