Saturday, January 24, 2009

Posts 101

100 down...and counting


capo said...

Hi Zen. Congratulations. a milestone. I have a question. I tend to dip in and out of your blog and sometimes i'm reading your pieces rather haphazardly. I'm aware that as I'm writing serial entries on my site new comers might be doing that with mine too and finding them a bit random.
Is this sequence of yours a linked narrative? (I suppose if i was not a naturally lazy person I could go back and figure that out for myself. Still - the whole "how does one manage a blog to enhance the experience of the visitor fascinates me. And how to increase readership. Someone on the media report (ABC Radio) the other day said her best advice was leave lots of comments on other people's blogs. Sounds logical. But how to identify which of the tens of millions of blogs to link to? Loani Prior(Grandpurlbaa)has it relatively easy - knitting blogs. there's got to be fewer of them than "writers blogs"

Zen Quill said...

Hi Capo,
Thanks for the congrats...I was convinced I was alone in here. I recently turned my focus around in here and started using the blog as a bit of a literary sandpit to aid me with scenes for my novel that I am trying to finish by Feb 8th ( It just aint gonna happen) in time for the QWC Year of the Edit. I needed to focus on the novel and that meant no more playing. So I have kept turning up each day and now throw down a piece that is relevant to what ever part of the book I am up to. I use it as a bit of a warming plate to get me into the story each day.

I thought about stopping but am glad to say that turning up every day to write even just a few lines has actually become addictive and I feel guilty for thinking about not turning up - which I guess is a fairly good place to be considering my main aim was to develop a writing discipline.

I agree that visiting other bloggers pages and commenting is a great way. I have also found some great writing blogs by doing this and so the process spreads from there.

I did put a little waiver and an apology on mine under 'Preparation' I think it was, explaining my shift into these short and obscure pieces I am doing now for the book.