Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maiden Voyage

The boat pitched against the swell of the sea and Max snatched at ropes, at anything he could hang on to. The boat shuddered as it climbed the face of another rogue wave, the wind squealing and howling its way through the rigging. Above him, the sails billowed and flapped.  It was only a matter of time before one of them shredded apart. 

The boat rolled again and he fell through the air, the deck disappearing from under his feet. He slammed hard against the side of the boat, the force of the blow leaving him winded. He gasped for air as a wave smashed over the side, drenching him to the skin. He sputtered and coughed the sea water out of his lungs, and clung with all of his strength to the side. For several short moments the boat slowed its thrashing about on the sea. It was enough time for him to finally breathe. He pushed his sodden hair from his face and tried to stand but his legs couldn't carry his weight. 

At the stern, the young boy stood manning the wheel, his face slick with sweat, his body untouched by salt water. He was bone dry. The young boy looked down at Max and released a long yodelling cry into the air. 
"Ah ha, you get sea legs on now my good friend," he called to Max.
Max dragged himself up from the deck and clung to the side. He turned to the bow, his heart suddenly battering inside his chest as a wave the size of a wall began curling over the boat.

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