Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Riding Blind 10

"It'll sound stupid,"
"Try me,"
"I just have always wondered that if you...you know,"
"If I hadn't run away? Is that what you think I did?"
"It seemed that way,"
"I wrote to you, for over a year. You never answered once. Why did you never answer me, Jack?"
His silence spurred her on.
"I told you why I left. I apologized over and over and without a word back from you, I decided it was time to get over you. So that's what I did,"
"Then why are you here?"
"Curious, I spose. I wasn't expecting to find you with all this," she gestured about the place.
"You seem kinda surprised,"
"I'm kinda thrown by the parenting thing,"
"I just always wondered, you know. About us. Even when I was with Lily's mother. It never felt like we did. I guess I just want to put this to bed and move on. The best way was to see you. I never honestly expected you'd turn on my doorstep,"
"So where does that leave us?"
"I guess it leaves us here on the deck, both curious." She shifted in the chair, suddenly uncomfortable with the possibilities unravelling before her.
"Ella, just stay. For a while. You can have the spare room. No pressure." he said.

She stared out at the darkness, at the waves that rolled in one after the other. She considered his offer and questioned herself, wasn't this what she had wanted? She looked over at him and met his gaze.
"What happens when it all goes wrong again?"

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